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Press Upgrades in the Fast Lane

Upgrades = lower costs + higher productivity!

The total cost for the upgrade is normally less than ½ of the price for a new press + savings in shipment and craning cost + savings in cost for new press pit and building changes.

New operator safety

  • Double counter balancing system
  • Mechanical safety ram lock
  • Light curtain
  • Mechanical shielding

New pipings and cabling

  • New hydraulic pipes
  • New cabling on the press
  • New electrical cabinets

New Kiermar® power unit

  • Tank with service platform
  • Future proof modular unit
  • Motors with variable pumps
  • Manifolds with CETOP valves
  • Cartridge valves for big flow
  • Fine filter system

New control panel

  • Free programmable and/or with predefined receipts
  • Siemens, Allen-Bradley or Beckhoff control system
  • Touch screen

The benefits

An upgrade will boost your productivity

With new hydraulic, electronic and control system technologies, the productivity of the presses may often be increased by 100–200 %. The tool change time will be significantly reduced due to the new press control containing a large number of die identification.

This feature provides thus the benefit of producing parts according to a pre-set die program number.

Built-in service and safety!

Remote monitoring via internet connection  means fast and easy service.

Password protected user levels means much better safety.

Why you should consider a press from Kiermar:

The fact is, a standard upgrade will cost approximately 40-50 % of the price of a new press. Many older, high-quality presses may only need an upgrade to be able to compete with the investment in a new press.

And our upgrades are done really fast due to a standardized concept. It means that you can have your ”new” machine up running in just 2-3 weeks.

Also, you may expect reduced costs for spare parts due to the standardized concept.

Contact us for details.

Choose a Service Package:

Basic maintenance

  • Status report and recommended repairs

Expanded maintenance

  • Filter change
  • Analysis of hydraulic oil
  • Training of new operators
  • Report with recommendations & quotations
  • Level 1 is included

Total maintenance

  • Long lead items are in stock
  • Level 1 and 2 are included
  • Status report and recommended repairs

Service On Subscription

  • Call before 10 AM Danish time → travel the same day
  • Call after 10 AM Danish time → travel latest the day after
  • 24/7 Service