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“We develop the new press solutions.”

We are an engineering company

KIERMAR is an engineering company focused on press building. We invent, design and control the entire process from drawing board to finished product. The manufacturing could also be executed by leading European manufacturers.

Experience and knowledge

The engineers and technicians at KIERMAR – all previously employed in well-known companies of the business – have a broad, practical experience within advanced press production solutions.

In 2011, we decided to establish an all new enterprise. Our vision was to challenge – and completely rethink – the dogmas of hydraulic press construction.

Patented technologies

At KIERMAR, our engineers have been able to unleash their full innovative potential and create some astonishing new concepts and inventions – many of which have turned into patents.

The groundbreaking new technologies from the KIERMAR team have attracted the attention of the industry, the press, and investors.


All KIERMAR solutions are fast, powerful, flexible, energy-efficient and service friendly, yet offered at really competitive prices.

If you wish, we offer to calculate your return on investment compared to any other solution – based on your own data.


Every KIERMAR solution includes extensive service – anywhere in the world, within 24 hours. All presses from KIERMAR may be connected to the Internet, and many service tasks can be performed remotely.

We are ready!

The team at KIERMAR TECHNOLOGY can take you to the next level of press production. New technologies will boost productivity, and minimize energy consumption and production costs.

Want more information?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to deliver the outstanding solution for your production.