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Step forming with KIERMAR

Avoid manual handling – this production line is fully automated!


This system makes it possible to produce step formed heat exchanger plates in high speed with full automation and no manual handling between the individual steps. Normally such items are produced in 3 separate machines or processes.

The press line includes a coil system, which feeds the press directly and the formed plates are cut to length after the pressing. This gives big time-savings in handling, since all manual handling is eliminated with this solution.

EXAMPLE: Step forming of heat exchanger plates, 4000 metric tonnes


  • Low power consumption due to smaller movement and very little idle running.
  • Fully automated production with minimum costs for operators.
  • Main frame structures without welding will give an almost endless lifetime.
  • The modular design gives you the smallest possible costs for service parts.
  • The control system and the safety are based on the best possible industrial computer.
  • Most service can be made remotely via Ethernet connection.


  • Low investment
  • Very high output capacity
  • Great savings in tools
  • Low energy consumption