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Production of truck beams with KIERMAR

Two production units in one press – very low energy consumption


Production of very large and heavy truck beams. Normally this requires 2 separate processes. The KIERMAR solution performs the total processes in just one press due to KIERMARs patented ADP principles. The result is a very fast production and superfast tool changes.

EXAMPLE: Mass production of truck beams, 8.000 metric tons ADP.


  • Two production cells in one machine.
  • Very low power consumption due to smaller movements and very little idle running.
  • Fully automated production with minimum costs for operators.
  • Main frame structures without welding will give an almost endless lifetime.
  • The modular design gives the smallest possible costs for service parts.
  • The control system and the safety are based on the best possible industrial computer.
  • Most service can be made remotely via Ethernet connection.


  • Low investment
  • High output capacity
  • Great energy savings