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Production of steel wheel rims with KIERMAR

Two large presses (e.g. 2x 1600 Tons) in a fully automated production unit


The two presses are placed in a production cell together with a top mounted heavy duty 6 axis robot. Each press is equipped with 4 axes, which all have linear transducers: a ram axis, a cushion/ejector-axis, an ejector axis in the ram and a tool control axis.

The rams have up to 1600 ton press force and the force and speed is adjustable from the HMI press control. Furthermore the ram is equipped with two minor cylinders, which in combination with the weight of the ram and piston rod gives the press a 50 ton press-force in approach-speed. The side-cylinders and the main cylinder are equipped with pre-filler valves which give the press a fast approach and return-speed.

The ram is made from a solid plate and is guided via the heavy duty cylinder guides in the main cylinder.

EXAMPLE: Forming of large steel wheel rims


  • Fast production.
  • Fully automated with minimum costs for operators.
  • No pressurized components able to leak oil on the items.
  • Main frame structure without welding will give an almost endless lifetime.
  • Modular design gives the smallest possible costs for service parts.
  • Most service can be made remotely via Ethernet connection.


  • Low investment.
  • High output capacity.
  • Very quick ROI.