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Production of sinks with KIERMAR

Superior process control – AND high production speed


The KIERMAR ADP system gives great savings when it comes to the total energy consumption for running a complete cycle. The conventional presses are normally equipped with several big pumps and big motors – and often run with energy consuming passive forming. The big pumps are necessary due to the big amount of oil needed for retracting the ram after the draw.

Our ADP system has no ram and does not need to pump a lot of oil in the ram cylinders for retraction. Our hydraulic system is designed based on how much oil we need for forming with the active punch system. This results in significantly smaller flow in the system and therefore we can design a system with smaller pumps and motors.

Based on the smaller motors and the faster cycle time, our ADP press normally uses less than 50 % of the energy used for the same product with active forming in a conventional press. Even more savings can be obtained when compared to passive forming in a conventional press.

EXAMPLE: Mass production of very deep high quality double-bowl kitchen sinks, 1600 metric tons


  • Superior process control.
  • Low power consumption due to smaller movements. The item handling is done outside the presses.
  • Fully automated production with minimum costs for operators.
  • Automated clamping and unclamping of dies.
  • Main frame structures without welding (in the force direction) will give an almost endless lifetime.
  • The modular design gives you the smallest possible costs for service parts.
  • The control system and the safety are based on the best possible industrial computer.
  • Most service can be made remotely from Kiermar via Ethernet connection.


  • Low investment
  • Very high output capacity
  • Great savings in tools
  • Low energy consumption