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Production of shipping containers with KIERMAR

Fast production line – fully automated


This solution is able to produce the different plate components needed to assemble a shipping container.

The production line is fully automated and is designed with KIERMARs patented double shuttle system. It means a very high output capacity and superfast die changes.

EXAMPLE: LEAN or mass production of shipping containers, 1000 metric tons


  • Modular standard components make the press easy to maintain.
  • Groundbreaking high productivity level is possible due to the superfast die change.
  • The double coil-line makes it possible to take full advantage of the superfast die change in the press.
  • In MASS production mode with twin lower dies the production capacity is even higher than in LEAN production mode.
  • Clamping and unclamping are done automatically.
  • The press frame design gives a rigid press with an almost endless lifetime.


  • Low investment
  • Very high output capacity
  • Great savings in handling tools
  • Low energy consumption