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Production of plate heat exchangers with KIERMAR

Fast die changes – great flexibility


Kiermar Technology’s Advanced High Tonnage Press (AHP) is especially suited for production of heat exchanger plates. Traditional solutions to make the very high surface pressure needed for heat exchanger plates are:

  • Huge cylinders with an area larger than the tool and very high hydraulic pressure.
  • Multi cylinders in the press bed with extremely high hydraulic pressure.
  • Plates are pressed in several stages with more tool parts.

These solutions are all possible and working, but have clearly many disadvantages such as very high hydraulic oil pressure with very expensive components, slowly working presses, difficult maintenance, huge energy consumption and more costs for operators. KIERMAR has invented and patented a cylinder solution eliminating all these disadvantages. The result is the sensational Advanced High tonnage Press AHP.

EXAMPLE: Mass production of heat exchanger plates, 40000 metric tons


  • Smaller and cheaper machines which are extremely easy to maintain.
  • Very low energy consumption compared to any other machine.
  • The machines are modular and can be extended (or shortened).
  • A sensational high output capacity in MASS production mode.
  • Superfast die changes down to 2 minutes in LEAN production mode.
  • Production of many designs/sizes in just one press.
  • More designs in one process are possible.
  • Probably the most reliable machine on the market.


  • Low investment
  • High output capacity
  • Great energy savings