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Production of bowls with KIERMAR

Extreme process control – fast production cycles


The KIERMAR patented presses without ram give an extraordinary good process control resulting in very fine quality items. The production line can produce different bowl sizes to be welded together in small series at a speed of 3 bowls per minute with integrated die changing in seconds.

The solution is a high volume fully automated production line for kitchen sink bowls with very fast die changes. The production line is made with Kiermar’s patented horizontal movements with double shuttle systems. KIERMAR’s special blank holder control combined with the absence of a ram means that the sinks can be drawn deeper than normal. Production of different bowl sizes in a single loop e.g. for 1½ sinks means no need for large intermediate stocks before welding.

EXAMPLE: Mass production of very deep bowls for kitchen sinks, 1000 metric tons


  • Superior process control.
  • Different bowl sizes in one production loop.
  • Low power consumption due to smaller movements. The item handling is done outside the presses.
  • Fully automated production with minimum costs for operators.
  • Automated clamping and unclamping of dies.
  • Main frame structures without welding (in the force direction) will give an almost endless lifetime.
  • The modular design gives you the smallest possible costs for service parts.
  • The control system and the safety are based on the best possible industrial computer.
  • Most service can be made remotely from Kiermar via Ethernet connection.


  • Low investment
  • Very high output capacity
  • Great savings in tools
  • Low energy consumption