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High Tonnage Presses from KIERMAR

Unique, patented technologies – up to 60% more output than conventional setups

The benefits of two die carts

By using two die carts in each production cycle, the output capacity boost can be higher than 60% compared to conventional setups.

3 production modes

Start the video above to watch the 3 production modes on the KIERMAR AHP press.

Unique bolster design

The unique KIERMAR bolster consists of a number of zones in a matrix. Each individual zone can be controlled independently, applying the optimum pressure for each forming process.

This concept opens endless possibilities for combining dies of different shapes and sizes in one production.

Complete production lines

KIERMAR Advanced High Tonnage Presses may be delivered as fully integrated production solution, including decoilers, trimming press, and Pick & Place robots.

Please contact us for further details.