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Conventional Presses from KIERMAR

Built to your specifications!

Conventional Presses for many applications

Even though Kiermar Technology A/S is based on delivering innovative hydraulic press solutions using the patented technology from our ADP and AHP series, we are still a company emerged from companies producing more conventional solutions.

Customize it!

Our solution can be made with welded frames, as tie rod presses, or e.g. four column presses depending on the best choice for the actual application – but always designed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure a design with known durability.

Why you should consider a press from Kiermar:

  • You will get a solution based on extensive know-how
  • You can take advantage of our very low overhead costs
  • Your press will consist of the very best components from known manufacturers
  • You can get maintenance and service directly by Kiermar
  • You can buy from Kiermar without down payment
  • You can get an extended warranty