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Products Overview

At KIERMAR, our engineers have been able to unleash their full innovative potential and create some astonishing new concepts and inventions – many of which have turned into patents.
The groundbreaking new technologies from the KIERMAR team have attracted the attention of the industry, the press, and investors.
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Advanced deep drawing presses

Patented press technologies with great speed, great flexibility and low energy consumption.

Advanced high tonnage presses

Unique, patented technologies – up to 60% more output than conventional setups.

Conventional presses

Built to your specifications!

Forging of railroad rails

A unique cylinder concept forges a rail with 3 forging operations in less than 60 seconds.

General deep drawing

Produce with faster cycles – AND save up to 70% energy!

Production of automotive parts

Fast die changes means great flexibility.

Production of bowls

Extreme process control – fast production cycles.

Production of heavy machine parts

Compact, powerful presses.

Production of lawnmowers

Produce large lawn mower shields in 10-second cycles!

Production of plate heat exchangers

Fast die changes – great flexibility.

Production of shipping containers

Fast production line – fully automated.

Production of sinks

Superior process control – AND high production speed

Production of transmission parts

A very flexible production setup – only 2 minutes for a die change!

Production of truck beams

Two production units in one press – very low energy consumption.

Production of wheelbarrows

Very fast production cycles – up to 6 pieces per minute!

Production of steel wheel rims

Two large presses (e.g. 2x 1600 Tons) in a fully automated production unit

Step forming

Avoid manual handling – this production line is fully automated!